About Shanghai dragon and search from the movie search

About Shanghai dragon and search from the movie search

yesterday, a blog blog "a visitor to the I love seafood which the chain is useless" has been criticized, pointed out some mistakes in my view, after I read about, have mistakes found, then make a change, I replied to his micro-blog, these are the words. Now, very ashamed, as an entry for a year in Shanghai dragon, but did not pay attention to these details, also written to mislead newcomers, I also make a review of this, also thanks to the enthusiastic reader. And I believe there are a lot of love are like Shanghai dragon put their ideas and methods to write to you, the starting point is good, the view shared, we study together to explore will promote the development of the industry, can correctly guide the couple, but if the share these views do not only pay attention to some problems. According to their own meaning to the idea of the article, will bring to the new ambiguity, will mislead you, and what is the difference between the female editor in the movie

long time ago seen the film Kaige Chen’s "search", this is a movie written. The story from a tiny social event started, gradually, through different characters clues performance of various different sectors of the people’s real life, through a variety of selected characters involved in different poses and with different expressions, all sorts of problems today we really care about, which reflect the change of the values of the times.

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I am a very love movies, write reviews, but I’ll write today is not the critic, mainly from the perspective of their own industry, talk about some of the views from the "search" in



said the search can not talk about the search engine of this tool, the development of the Internet for so many years, the search engine provides too much convenience for ordinary users online life, if there is no search engine, it is hard to imagine we are looking for information on the Internet will be much more difficult, to this day, the search engine is not only to provide a "the results, all of which can provide audio and video entertainment for us, these have greatly changed.

Shanghai dragon is from beginning to end in dealing with search engines, most of the work we do is to show the value through the search engine, each Shanghai dragon Er are looking for quick ranking, if have what method can quickly get ranked, most people will ignore the experiment to everything, if not illegal, what samples are willing to try, "the search" in the news editor Chen Yao plays is not the case, in order to make their own news can get a lot of attention, for the benefit of their own, she did not go to the bottom of the whole story, blindly follow their own ideas to write news, exaggerated the facts, but the consequences caused by the tragic ending irreparable. As a media person, should stick to their occupation morality, the same as Shanghai, dragon and Phoenix, we should also have their own bottom line, what kind of information can be displayed in the search engine, what can not, you know, not to forget the immediate interests principle.

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