Black hat Shanghai dragon really black

Black hat Shanghai dragon really black

according to the rules in doing the exploration of Shanghai dragon, optimization of our website, and in this process, the black hat Shanghai dragon for us white hat Shanghai dragon played a big role, it can be said that the black hat is Shanghai dragon fodder, their search engine optimization is to test the bottom line where when the black hat is punished, we will avoid the white hat Shanghai dragon punishment in optimizing a website, like a stop line, when the black hat was punished, we will not know white hat, crossed the line, so that we can’t reject the black hat Shanghai dragon, especially those who have occupation moral black cap, we should all admire them.

: a black hat hacker?


in Shanghai Longfeng friends should be no stranger to the word black hat, some even sniff at, some away, including the "pony wrote some time ago a rookie Shanghai dragon Er white hat and black hat Shanghai Longfeng rational thinking", also advocate everyone to do the white hat Shanghai dragon, in different opinions is the black hat, Shanghai dragon certainly is not good? Today we have to look at the black hat Shanghai dragon.

two: Grace

a good occupation moral of the black hat Shanghai dragon is to take your own website to do the test, does not affect the rest of the website, is to play their own website, which was afraid to be punished so as to explore are most willing to, the search engine ranking algorithm, and have good occupation moral of the black hat is not true, as is what is said above, sending some rubbish outside links, influence others, and this can only be with black hat hackers compared, this is our exclusive black hat Shanghai dragon, so hackers can not be generalized? Black hat?.

follow up: some things, never just from the surface to see, to learn empathy, there may be a different conclusion. – country pony

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when we blindly reject white black hat Shanghai dragon, shouldn’t we be thinking about it, in some cases, our white Shanghai dragon is not affected by the grace of many black hat Shanghai dragon, because the Shanghai dragon did not have a reality for textbooks, a technique of it we are just trying to find out the web site, a kind of means, perhaps more appropriately, we Shanghai dragon is the search engine rules in research.

often hear someone will put these two words as a concept, refers to the black hat hacker is Shanghai dragon, they always by means of cheating, to affect the search engine of the fair, or into the weights of the high site, leaving hidden links and so on, but the pony feel black hat on the Dragon and phoenix "is not the middle of hackers =", in other words, the black hat Shanghai dragon is not necessarily a hacker.

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