Discussion on the future development trend of the search engine market.

Discussion on the future development trend of the search engine market.

the current domestic search engine market mainly love Shanghai, soso, Sogou, Google four. As the level of development, the love of Shanghai is a dominant, the other three can only enjoy the love of Shanghai traffic outside the leftovers. I want to search engine, you are love and hate, love is to get traffic from search engines, development, hate is in the process of Shanghai dragon in a little attention station will be the search engine K station light requires several months of recovery, heavy is long time to join the blacklist, here the K station, the webmaster to their reflection, try not to take the black hat Shanghai dragon style, because Shanghai dragon industry needs a common standard, need to comply with the guidelines.

"we do not feel shy, consider doing the bidding advertising, you need to contact me again later". This is the most often said Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng Gao phone recently a word. I believe that the majority of owners often received similar from love Shanghai, soso, Sogou promotion phone. Personal feeling since February this year, soso and Sogou promotion phone more and more frequently, sometimes up to one day received 7 calls, customer telephone marketing is bombarded. Go to work every day to clean ears, only the mobile phone mute. But even more ridiculous is that there are already several years of cooperation relationship with a search engine, or even received a telephone extension. Thus, each search engine in the telephone marketing is to spare no effort, would rather let the user objectionable, never miss a person.

from Shanghai dragon direction, the love spiders in Shanghai of all aspects of the technology is the most advanced in three, began as early as two or three years to do the webmaster have such experience. Then, through the Shanghai love to get traffic.

webmaster through the search engine from traffic way mainly bidding and Shanghai dragon. Considering the bidding, love Shanghai, identify the key words after, on the bidding from the search engine to get a lot of traffic, you may also be because of the high cost of a single click to burn a lot of money, if the flow of the conversion rate is not high, really difficult to profit. Sometimes to prevent malicious clicks, although you can set the highest amount of consumption on the account, but spend money every day, the bidding will immediately off the assembly line, so also in the way the potential loss of customers. With the expansion of the market for the love of Shanghai, more and more enterprises to enter the bidding promotion, increase the situation, click on the cost of more and more is also high, as early as two years of a word may only need to click a few cents, I do not know how many times over now. You may recommend Wuhan Shanghai dragon to do soso and Sogou bidding, they click cost is very cheap, but the embarrassing thing is that traffic is scanty. Especially looking at the statistical tools inside the 85% traffic from Shanghai to love, you will think of the main investment areas should love Shanghai, when you know your competitors by love Shanghai for promotion of brands, you will not be willing to leave. Although the investment is high, but you can only crustily skin of head.

At present,

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