Enterprise stand long tail keywords optimization is also a good choice

Enterprise stand long tail keywords optimization is also a good choice

not all businesses are suitable for long tail keywords optimization method as the core. Industries such as net loan industry and lottery industry is the two big difference. Although the development of net loan industry is not much, but the industry believes that the industry has formed its own terminology, the majority of people in the industry to do net loan platform, search term is the net loan system, net loan system development and related keywords, and lottery industry, although the development of a long time, but there is no professional parlance to do so, lottery sales site people search habits are diverse, long tail keywords bring flow.

Since 2013 We all know that

love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, optimization of the core keywords more difficult. On the one hand, Shanghai to love large sites high weight ranking, on the other hand, foreign chain enlarge attack. You may send some chain website ranking can be very good, but now the chain effect is greatly reduced and released too many low quality of the chain’s influence website ranking. A variety of reasons can increase the core word optimization.

, 2 core words difficult to optimize

in recent years, more and more enterprises to enter the search engine optimization ranking competition, makes the website optimization to increase it. Search engine optimization enterprises choose very much, first love: Shanghai auction bid competition, more and more high, many enterprises can not afford this price; second: search engine, low cost, high profit, more and more enterprises pay attention to search engine optimization; third: the competition in the industry, now no matter which industry. The competitiveness is very large, more and more enterprises have to choose promotion in many aspects, enhance their income.

1, the long tail keywords competitiveness of small

3, the industry of their own

core keywords of the flow rate, can bring greater benefits for the enterprise, but large gains, difficulty is great, but the long tail keywords is not the same, the competitiveness of small, easy to optimize, but traffic is small. As I optimize the mobile phone lottery software site, the core word mobile phone lottery software 贵族宝贝91ccx贵族宝贝/soft/cprj.html competitiveness is very large, to optimize home page it is prohibitively difficult, but the development of mobile phone software, mobile phone lottery lottery software development company, such a long tail word is easier to optimize. So the optimization of the long tail word is an important aspect of me, a long tail word can only bring some traffic, but thousands of the long tail word can also bring thousands of traffic. The long tail of the word brings flow much more than the core word found when the keyword research of the lottery industry, so my focus is to optimize the long tail keywords.

Effect of

search engine optimization in the competition so big, how to do the site’s ranking, achieve the optimization effect, optimization of core words is the main work, but the optimization of the long tail keywords is also a good choice. Here I give an example of a site to optimize mobile phone lottery software, and explain why, the optimization of the long tail keywords is a key.

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