Analysis and solution of the website snapshot stagnation

Analysis and solution of the website snapshot stagnation

three, Links drag

Links situation will also affect the snapshot own website updates, such as friends of the link is k, it is very easy to cause the website snapshot not update, after a series of investigation, the author of the Links is normal, it can also be excluded.

, a website content update.

through the internal inspection site exists some dead links, it is very unwise. So I will contact the program, some dead links on the site directly removed or made some 404 pages.

solution is as follows.

this is also possible, but the station recently did not make big changes, so it is not for this reason.

five, the website internal dead link

the station recently out of a problem, the main case is the website snapshot stagnation, long time not updated, so it is more anxious, then after comprehensive analysis seriously on the site, some of the details related to the snapshot of the site were examined, and finally solve the problem, so write it down the reader, and share, learn together and progress. General love Shanghai snapshot of the following points.

two, K

this can be said to be arch-criminal snapshot not most of the station updated, not updated a station, there is no can let the spider to grab the content, is very unfriendly to search engines, which will cause the snapshot can explain most of the stations do not update. But after analysis, little song station did not have this problem, because the station every day to add full-time editorial content, so this should not because of my website snapshot is updated. Be excluded。

for this reason to say there is a lot of, is the most common site has some love is not love Shanghai content, such as sensitive words, illegal content, this search engine will first stop your snapshot, as a reminder to you, if a long time is not correct, you will stand to be punished, the station after checking no such content.

to strengthen update, originalityTwo, daily > The

if the above reasons are excluded, it should probably not their own problems, as long as do their work, waiting for the love of Shanghai can be updated.

four, whether the site for the revision or big changes to the

seven, Shanghai love their own problems

, a high

six, the web server

precursor station site punishment

web server instability will affect the site snapshot update, after consultation with the server, and there is no exception, the website open speed is normal so excluded.

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