Case analysis of domain home page snapshot slow and not drop right

Case analysis of domain home page snapshot slow and not drop right

domain how to solve the problem of slow page snapshot, we also know the domain is to see the chain. We need to find where the reasons. The snapshot slow depends on the chain with content update frequency, we look at the chain of this station included, we love Shanghai from the advanced search, choose the nearest one week

station domain home is in the first place, showing snapshot at No. 11, think for several days, but have the right to drop this argument, we look at the Chinaz tool. See the


, a domain page snapshot slow not right down


When the


felt the chain that last week only, only 11 of the chain included, found domain home page snapshot is three days. From the two analysis, the snapshot slow there are two factors, one is the chain is not good, the two is love Shanghai’s own problems. So we encounter cases like this do not panic too much, Links, outside the chain, have to update the content.


is a snapshot of the last three days, and then look at the relative ranking. Look after the relevant rankings, or even before the local ranking. So from the snapshot, included, rankings, the chain, the station did not drop right this statement. We can not slow down the right domain page snapshot of this argument, so that you can be rest assured to change in Links, don’t worry too much.

from No. 11 to No. 19 in the updated snapshot. Look at the snapshot

domain home page snapshot slow, you first need to consider their own reasons, is not really right down. Eliminate the cause of their own website, we examine the other station, recently had to do some good operation, because there is a possibility that the love of Shanghai. See an example of Web site analysis. Figure



two, domain home page snapshot slow


write this is my recent observation come to the conclusion that domain is the home page snapshot slow, does not mean that right down. Before when I was Links with friends before the exchange station, will encounter similar problems, domain home page snapshot slow then very tangled, why not give me change Links, I stand where, once a broken heart. For the domain home page snapshot slow. For this situation we have encountered, because everyone is well aware that these problems bring pain, so today I use examples to analyze why not drop right.

is not a general optimization problem caused by site problems. Keep the chain, stable daily updates, it is generally not too big problem encountered, domain home page snapshot site snapshot slow slow, >

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