For new Adsense — the construction of new sites in the same way with me

For new Adsense — the construction of new sites in the same way with me

The answer is that not all

this is the article I have always wanted to write, but time is very clear, is in my new sites included the first time to share with you.

. I 11 I above suspicion! My website at the beginning of the pathological reaction obviously, because the spider does not come. How to let the spider come, first from the chain to start, because before will be some high quality of the chain, so I go to some high weights of the chain, the chain, there are PR6PR5PR4PR3. What useful, to tell you, for the new station, from the collection of 0 to 1 in the process of P with no, because there is no spider should be outside the chain of high weight, no change to my new station, still I don’t, what your attitude. Then I think the relationship is not robots, but the answer is no, but soso is in love with overseas have come, are included, even if it.

my first post in A5 Webmaster Platform published, feel good. Today I again send an article to share, especially have the same experience of the new AdSense and me, not to be missed.

from my modified code, put on the server to start it. My station is September 1st officially hanging on to the server, because before are to modify the code, and want to hurry on the line, when the line in a hurry to get from the relevant industry website copy about hundred articles, and then went to the major search engine submission. The next time, and everyone else, do the chain, the average daily 1-2 of the original, half the original article update speed. This lasted for about a week, then one day 360 included the home page, followed by the second day, I also put a Sogou home page, naturally my mood is good, everything is according to my expectations of. Of course I do, in this period, I have been in Shanghai Longfeng reading related articles, so learned through the server log view of various search spiders. In September 13th, I began to read the server log, I see that on September 3rd, Shanghai 123.125.71 to love spider to my site, go in a hurry to read the robots file, without any extra move (below love Shanghai spider problem will have a practical introduction with my situation). After about 5 days, in the Monday. The related domain of my domian from more than 100 down to less than 20, so I worry, the chain of hard hair, why suddenly have not gone, the combination of these 12 days, Shanghai love a spider to my site. Many times I wonder whether my new station would be K, why? The copy of special industry?? high weight chain? The next thing is, I love Shanghai, thinking spider IP chain attract spider method, the site itself changes, robots file server, cause space business problems. I have one research and thinking, here I would like to announce the answer, I’ll give you time to answer, finally summarizes the views.

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