How to do the most affordable price promotion with the least money

How to do the most affordable price promotion with the least money

Through the analysis of


The quality of

some friends complained to me on QQ two days, said his company was not a webmaster website while malicious click, but a month down 3W block did not, it still cautious do a few keywords, not all do. He is small enterprise, if such a burn down, sooner or later will go bankrupt. I know that for promotion of the stakes, a high degree of competition, a click is 10 dollars, 100 hits, one thousand had not. But there is no way to save money, do the bidding? Is there, the key to see everyone will not be very careful in reckoning, province.


, I know that the rebate network is one of the key words, the long tail keywords competitors are around this expansion, so the "rebate credible" is a conversion of long tail keywords, very good also, we also need to rival the landing page analysis, because some owners will put their own bidding links and advertising page, this is not a good way, because sometimes the customers ran for keywords to the home often presents the content and they don’t need, in this case, many customers will choose to close the page, resulting in the loss of funds, so through the analysis of the competition the opponent landing page top, we can draw a page which is most in need of the user, do have money to spend wisely. Just like the above competitors website, he is the guide to the user "hot summer", thus the greatest degree of transaction.

to improve the keywords and landing page

what are the benefits? In my opinion, as long as the auction, there is no benefit at all, because we are for the money we deserve to flow, if we say that the benefits of it, I think we would like to see and click rate is proportional to the volume, so from this perspective, we should conscientiously improve their keywords quality. The keyword here is divided into heat keywords and long tail keywords, keywords, such as heat is now back rebate keywords competition degree is large (to my site for example), and the long tail keywords is directly facing the consumer groups in the competition of low price and high rate of conversion of vocabulary. So when making heat keywords, we complemented the expansion of the long tail keywords, such as what the most credible rebate network, we will have the intention to buy keywords directly to customers in the selection of long tail keywords, we can reasonably learn from competitors,

also described in the bidding, we can also learn from the performance of the opponent, set 100 long made the most attractive description and title. Of course, in time to improve the quality of the landing page, although the performance of customer service and money without much contact, but high quality customer service, will leave a considerable amount of traffic for us to a certain extent, so the key point is to solve the service quality of the landing page. If the customer can not find customer service in the key, so the order and from talking about

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