How to make love to Shanghai included my website

How to make love to Shanghai included my website

1. new sites online using the capture function, and repeated acquisition, repeatedly delete.

recalled the whole process, caused by the reason of K I summarized as follows:

K, the search engine for fear, I quickly took the data collection all deleted. Probably another half a month, love Shanghai included or the same as before, then I bought some A5 video through the chain, the chain was given a month more than 300 Tencent video, potatoes, Youku, a video Sohu, but still no response. Then I changed my original space station is with more than 600 stations with a single server, so I switched to VPS. Speed is several times faster than before, plus I updated every day about 5 articles. Went for about 1 months, and finally in the evening to love Shanghai received my website.

today is November 9, 2012, the website was really K second months and 9 days. Today from home for dinner back to school has more than 10 points, dragged his exhausted body to open the computer, according to the practice, I have collected a query website each time the Internet, although this is not absolutely necessary, but I have been worried that love Shanghai K station to the extreme, I hope you understand me anxious mood. As usual I open the site of several commonly used Shanghai Longfeng included in the query site, enter my name, after waiting for a few seconds, return the query results of light blinded my eyes, love Shanghai included: 1 pages. Although only included a page, but he let me feel very excited, so I think this a few I months to pay is worth it. I believe that a new chapter in the first collection of pages will open this website development.

my site is June 28, 2012, the days on the line, the entire site is equivalent to a "ghost town", without any information. As I racked my brain trying to think of how to enrich website content, a keyword suddenly flashed through my mind "acquisition", to tell the truth, since I do stand, no use of a few times acquisition, because I think that is not good, not only for other sites is not fair, but also to the search engine friendly. I always want to improve the quality of website through write myself, but I can not do, a person, too tired. Because of lack of time, money and energy, and I had to walk the road to collect, the beginning I did not dare to collect too much information of enterprises and individuals do not add up to 2000, gradually collected about 4000, I started to give up the acquisition. Before the acquisition, the love of Shanghai included the amount has been hovering in the 1~6 page, do not know if this is a sign of danger. Fifth days after the data collection, the sea becomes 0 collection of love. Thought this must be the acquisition of blame, actually I also should know clearly that acquisition will bring this disaster, but I still have a chance of psychology. Now that is K, come to regret is useless, only bad luck, he kind of consequences only their own food.


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