A comprehensive analysis of the product stand love Shanghai snapshot stop updating reason

A comprehensive analysis of the product stand love Shanghai snapshot stop updating reason


three, the chain extension of

, a website of

has many webmaster website snapshot for before some snapshots back. Snapshot stop said the site has not been a spider crawling. The snapshot website content is also reflected in the update, the chain is updated. It is also an important basis for the webmaster exchange Links. When the snapshot stop updating, if you find the reason? This dish a Shanghai dragon brother analytical products website snapshot stop updating the cause and what is the impact of the

When the

site structure accounted for a certain proportion, because we know the spider crawling is started from the home page, it must crawl from the home page, if no relevant page within the chain, the spider will go back, will return code 304. Within the chain operation as shown in figure

update, this article will automatically jump to the home page column. If that is the product of the website, do a similar three to four such columns, will increase the interactivity, will not let the spider failed.

four, Shanghai love


two, the website structure


when the snapshot stop updating the website, whether the original content has a lot of reasons. You can download IIS from the server log to see, see 304 code, 304 can reflect the website problem. Some sites even all 304 code, we analyze 304 code. Because the 304 code is recorded content of the website is updated, if not the original web content, IIS log return code is 304. Solution: when the content of the website is not the original content, to get the idea of the original article, update the article to certain rules, the spider to eat you, it is a regular, Shanghai dragon ER the webmaster to master the spiders eat rules, rather than reactive back. If the content is original, but the snapshot stop solution: website internal links, such as the content of the page A link B content, B content link content C, which is like a push.

love Shanghai small update at any time, it is also in the change, Shanghai is the love you never guess. The love of Shanghai at the time of updating, some snapshot snapshot of the back, stop, and site not in the first place. The webmaster to calm, we will continue to optimize the site work at the moment, don’t be affected by the reason of love of Shanghai.

snapshot will stop.


I said above snapshot mainly reflects the site outside the chain and the content is updated, the chain promotion is one of the reasons, the chain promotion division exchange, as Links forum and blog promotion. Forum to promote to carry out effective promotion, is to seduce spiders, even if you are not "to seduce spider", how can the website snapshot update? That will do the three part of everyday events, when the site will stop to stop the update, the webmaster can start from here.

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