Why do people often say ten businesses and nine deaths Know the answer to this point over 10000On th

Why do people often say ten businesses and nine deaths Know the answer to this point over 10000On th



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you have been subjected to malicious complaints, slander from competitors, media disinformation, legal lawsuits;

you have to deal with the company’s performance, manage the following employees and set up a system;

but on the other hand, entrepreneurship is a cancer, it is difficult to quit, and 55% of entrepreneurs will choose to start again after failure. Even after the failure to return to the large companies working humble abode, there are still about 60% of the people will be adjusted after a short selection of entrepreneurship.

Abstract: Why are there so many examples of entrepreneurial failures every day, and we still have to compete on the road to entrepreneurship,

site have more effective hits, which every station hopes. Here I talk about advertising placement skills, hoping to attract attention to some webmaster.


2: NetEase NetEase revision, has greatly improved the layout of the page, better into the GG ad code pattern, to achieve the maximum degree of unity, so that users can’t see advertising, but the content see Figure 2, the basic for placing defects of coral. Research page: http://s.news.163/07/0116/18/34VT1J1S000120GU.html


Figure 2

in order to create a great work experience,


advertising code placement skills

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on this issue, know almost on the "ether capital" an answer, obtained super million points praise. Answer interviews with some entrepreneurs, interviews with their families and friends, and collects some real stories that happen every minute around the entrepreneur……


, a media survey of more than 300 questionnaires, showed that only 1.5% of entrepreneurs expressed regret and stopped doing business. The decision to come back and never give up is as high as 95%.


two the author example

, let’s take a look at the GGAD placement of the two sites.

every day like state-owned enterprises


you every day to see through thousands of SIM Ronglai money like water poured out;


"entrepreneurship" in China in recent years, the fire can no longer fire. When you are the boss about injustice, worried for years in the job, whether know, the average age of Chinese entrepreneurs, has a young 24.67 years old.

right, in fact, this page has a GG advertisement, the station to the middle he placed on these expression content see Figure 1, mixed up, so that when users are looking for their own love expression, click more contribution will not, but this is also a point defect. If we can according to the first GG ad code pattern layout ", let GG and on the table within the content of a vertical line, the effect will be better

in short, you face numerous challenges every day……


you are the boss, you are the boss of the

        I made a paper web site early, when it is written in the ITSUN SOHU advertising alliance, beginning a little effect is not ideal, basically every day is 7 dollars. Then I did the processing and designed the SOHU ads like this,


most people start their business in the suffering of the practice,


you should take the blame of others and accept the changes and losses of the company;

I said Internet Co didn’t have to punch

1 coral, the object page is: http://s.face.coral/, we can see at one glance GG advertising has two: one on the

question is here. Why do so many examples of entrepreneurial failures occur every day, and we still have to struggle to get on the road to entrepreneurship?

your child, wife, will even go away because of your failure.

if the difficulty coefficient of the work is 2, then the difficulty coefficient of entrepreneurship is 6,7,8,9,10. For most people, the difficulty of starting a business is much higher than his personal ability.

  Figure 1

at the same time, a cruel fact is: "ten entrepreneurs, nine dead."".

of course you can’t avoid dealing with public security, you should be free of them at ease;

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