Adjust the good mentality of Shanghai dragon is half success

Adjust the good mentality of Shanghai dragon is half success

is applicable to other fields, and from other areas or to Shanghai Longfeng boundary, in the Shanghai dragon.Cn forum to see the most is Shanghai dragon er who encounter problems impatient looking for answers to many of these questions are answered before too, although as editor responsibility to answer questions, but also see a lot of Shanghai Dragon Er mentality exists more or less problems.

The fundamental purpose of the




because of the learning way of Shanghai Longfeng itself is not the system, most just is the practice of summing up, to study at the same time in the classroom, bound to solve the books of knowledge, any new ideas you think of, can be put into action to verify, some people think Shanghai is dragon should follow the rules of search engine, there is still strong in the search engine and the relative commander, said. This is not encouraged, innovation must be in the range of practical, but the cast search engine still have a solid user innovation mode is worth learning.

web site is Shanghai dragon get good rankings in search engines, including the details of the work and whether, the search engine has a "Probation" called sandbox to railway station, behind the test site is actually in the test site, according to the key words in the intense competition, may month, three months, or even longer to see the effect, the long process of maintenance of the website is not only the need of enthusiasm, persistence, enduring execution, even when the website development bottleneck, website user access less, less, ranking does not go on, you should firmly believe that this is a search engine on site and Shanghai dragon Er test site, and so those perennial ranked first in the past, perhaps now more workload.

mentioned more than once, Shanghai dragon is a slow process, but still can see "on the home page of the first day", to be impatient with the Shanghai dragon no, keep your impatience to transfer to the site optimization of Shanghai dragon stick, innovation methods, positive understanding of search engine friendly, first adjust good mentality to do Shanghai dragon.

website ranking does not go on, wondering about the Shanghai dragon at the same time, should also ask yourself to perform in place? Site is down right, complaining about the search engine at the same time, it should re check the website, maybe you used to do well, but the rules every day in the adjustment, your mind must follow, instead of passing the buck to the search engine and for your advice but could not help your people, this is a game, may not be fair, you have to use a positive attitude to face, because of complaints and stagnant sites do not have the task to help.


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