How to earn money 100W network owners

network money webmaster, in the capital, technology limited conditions, in order to make money online, should learn what? How to learn? Maple network’s view is "to learn, don’t learn, Internet money webmaster do, mainly is to make money on the Internet, or said the use of online technology, the ability to" make money ", rather than" learning ". Maple Leaf network using the drawing software is photoimpact rather than Photoshop, but also only use a small part of the function of photoimpact, web editor I am using frontpage instead of dreamweaver. Basically, there are only a few things I have to do, something I don’t use, and I don’t know how to use it. read more

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Liu Qiangdong said to the entrepreneur all the failure, is ultimately a failure!

Jingdong’s success is not accidental, if not Liu Qiangdong’s early iron management ability, executive ability if without Liu Qiangdong’s strong control ability and capital team, there is no Jingdong today. Liu Qiang, in a speech, said: " all failures, and ultimately the failure of the people; " I deeply agree with this view.

written in front

Liu Qiangdong, has been growing up in the voices of doubt, such as Dangdang’s Li Guoqing had concluded: Jingdong can not get financing for a few months to live. When the Jingdong in the United States officially listed on Nasdaq, but also indicates that the Jingdong after ten years of running after finally coming into fruition. Liu Qiangdong and Jingdong over the years bear the "question": the fund chain break, self built logistics, profit black hole, a wave of shame and self "attack", until the eve of IPO Jingdong would not have stopped. With the listing, the voices of doubt finally eliminated. read more

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Ma Yun 17 years of entrepreneurial mind emerge from the back stage mentality

in business for 17 years, Ma Yun (micro-blog) appeared from the stage of retreat mentality.

since last year, he has been tested several times. Wei Zhe incident, Taobao, Alipay, Taobao fake storm event Mall (now Tmall) "October besieged city", in a test of Alibaba (micro-blog) manager. As the Alibaba’s spiritual leader, Ma bear the controversy and criticism of most.

this may make him tired, and even let him show a negative emotion.

he was full of optimism. In a conversation with Inamori Kazuo (micro-blog) in 2008, he said that the work he has done over the years is through the values, sense of mission, the good young people to enlarge the good side. He is confident that the Alibaba’s success is because he understands the human nature. read more

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With the wisdom of the mind to do Taobao guest

do Wangzhuan have long done, click, investigation, opened a shop, don’t deceive everyone, do not earn money, I also grow up in failure, sum up is to do Wangzhuan, really tired! Now join the Taobao customer care.

day in the use of Google IE tools, I suddenly thought, why not do Wangzhuan their strengths? I am writing software, write the code is my good, why don’t I develop a Google tool similar to the Amoy toolbar? Toolbar advantage is that user viscosity is high. As long as the user installed, and provides some function, the user will not easily uninstall, can be said to be once and for all things, do find the Taobao toolbar, imitate the above format, looking for some IE tools development information, but unfortunately, this information is not online, can only rely on their own MSDN, check, write code, test, code….., after several days of unremitting efforts, the tool made, as follows: read more

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What kind of alliance is a good alliance

now what kind of innumerable advertising alliance, the alliance is a good


according to my analysis, most of the websites China advertising are GG, Baidu, Ali’s mother, the alliance is indeed good, but we can’t just limited to the 3 league, we must be strong, we have to make money, to select several alliances, below I analysis experience for sharing.

1 is generally a good company to open the company, of course, some companies are also open garbage Union, but better than the individual alliance. I can’t even find you. read more

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Madman! With P less than 500 of the station earned $100 thousand a year!

madman! With IP less than 500 of the station earned $100 thousand a year!

(real webmaster story)

first of all, it’s a real story. The story will be divided into two parts and we say, because in more than a year I almost made nearly $300 thousand from the internet. The first part, I give you talk about IP less than 500 of the station a year is how to earn 100 thousand yuan! Perhaps most people do not believe how can one day IP not even 500 of the site a year earn 100 thousand yuan (net income). I can say that most of the IP1 million, or even 50 thousand IP may not be able to do my income. So how do I do that? read more

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Bit S full fragmentation, 2014 vertical media new challenge

"look at the simple world slowly become gorgeous

has a kind of sad feelings that can’t be said

broken heart Beijing


my heart is breaking through the piercing and choking waiting

broken heart Beijing


my heart in the absence of the results of the search

my heart in a sigh "

– A.

, a song of the end of the city syndrome "Heartbreak Beijing" inadvertently touched

struggle in the Internet industry, a group of IT people

at the end of 2013 there will be a group of vertical media entrepreneurs who stick to the Internet in China read more

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Analysis of several reasons for the phenomenon of Ali mother Alliance

Ali mom League seems to be a very unusual thing to do, almost every day in the League meeting said the alliance black single webmaster friends. In any case, Ali mother alliance is still very tolerant of the union, or there is not so much cheating in the webmaster; of course, tolerance is a side, just another aspect of justice. In this area of justice, love is not the head of the network or biased Ali mother alliance, a lot of reasons can cause the loss of a single phenomenon.


a lot of guest if there is no long-term income will go to their own website to buy things, thus saving a large number of money, but sometimes it will be rather baffling out single phenomenon; here a simple analysis of the possible causes of single out, if these are not the cause you single out, so you may be single black read more

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The relationship between traffic and money can be used to calculate the amount of money you earn eac

The relationship between traffic and money can be used to calculate the amount of money you earn each month

for the webmaster, this is an article, a good reference from it, maybe you can think of a lot of things!

the following data is purely personal investigation and observation, the data size difference is normal, I listed the data for general statistics. See individual ability of grass and operation.

site does not include illegal sites, such as * * site. Do not include selling products business site.

pure belong to all kinds of personal site

(3000IP per day, it is very simple. This time some people will go to advertising, impatient my advice is not to.50 dollars a month banner, 20 dollars a month. The text is not how to earn so little money, do not go to.3000IP, and 3721 to more than and 10 league a day).

(8000IP per day, it is hard to do? OK. From 8000IP, the website can belong to the primary, 1500 yuan of money, greatly upgrade.TAOBAO net a month TOM alliance can be removed, or placed in a conspicuous place, 3721+ other public welfare alliance can reach 2200, with a small amount of advertising, a a month 2500 yuan) is very stable.

From the beginning of the 10 thousand


advertising and find companies. Or find the acquired company.

find company, and the acquisition of companies need to site;
read more

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A strange phenomenon of network money scam

if in real life, someone wrote a book to teach you how to make money by fraud, believe that this book is very difficult to pass the review, but now, someone wrote a book to a scam on the network book, called "College Students’ Internet business guide book", actually you can become the best-selling computer books at home and around the bookstore, I believe everyone will feel very surprised!

, however, some days ago in the Xinhua Bookstore to see a book, earned 500 yuan – the secret to open the network to make money, so a best-selling book, the main content is a word – cheat. What kind of people? Cheat lady-killer, cheat on male wolf. By what means to cheat by the so-called beauty QQ number, through a variety of ways, let lady-killer is thought to add a beauty QQ number, and then access the QQ number on the guide page to open a web page, the page is what everyone should want, or is the registered mobile phone money. Or is the Guide to promote AdSense download Google (probably because of this fraud is too much, just let Google stop AdSense, AdSense recommend) or click advertising (usually by Google, of course, deactivate the account) character is not good will also put a Trojan virus on it, steal QQ number of coins or the network game account, or the user’s computer into a chicken". read more

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Wangzhuan novice guidance small webmaster should be how to choose advertising alliance

believe that a lot of small and medium-sized webmaster, the most headache is the choice of advertising alliance. Especially for small Adsense, the existence of a small alliance to pay the risk, but there will be a lot of bad content, it is easy to make their own site was sealed. Major league, such as Baidu, Google, etc., and can not participate in the small webmaster. Large and medium-sized webmaster can also through their own online advertising on the way to make a profit, for the big Adsense, a lot of time is hate advertising alliance. So today’s tutorial is also key to the webmaster, ha ha, you forgive, love is sometimes sesame vulnerable groups and ~ read more

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Website traffic cheating advertising costs are not desirable

has done more than 5 years, the center has done a lot of sites, but also want to share in the advertising alliance, but because of their executive power is not strong, can not stand down. At the beginning of 3 years, not only did not earn a penny, but also to buy the so-called textbooks cheated some money, although did not earn money but still accumulated a lot of experience, and here to share with you.

some novice in the early stage of the site is difficult to get traffic, SEO is a long-term adherence to things, a short time can not see the effect of a shortcut to the idea (I was). Then think of cheating. I had to cheat is every day in the Internet, because I think there is a basic program, feasibility, cheating software flow wizard, Tianhe flow king, working principle and so on some traffic flow treasure is a tool for their development in our local IE sandbox kernel, is actually in our computer access other people use this software to optimize the site, so that the advertising alliance JS ad code record is real flow, and the software can be set to visit the website advertising (i.e. website page) to operate, since the less I think this code is hard to find. So when I downloaded the flow wizard, twenty-four hours a day to hang up, visits a staggering 5000IP every day, of course, is false, but it brings income to my GGAD, this is really a happy thing ah, ha ha. At the beginning of a week when I reached a 100 knife ah, for the adult currency was at the time of the more than and 700. We found that the pin code is not provided for verification, then to verify the pin code, of course, things continue to brush flow, $700 a week. Also, ha than my salary. Non-stop brush, but also to find other software brush. Results second weeks Google hit titles, no sad, no way! I will not give up so easily, and apply for a GGAD account, continue to brush. This time I summed up the experience, not in the use of other software brush, after all, I have done the flow of the wizard verification, other software to do a relatively fake. This time, although the money earn less but has no title, happy ah. Brush every day, waiting for the pin code over. When fast 200 dollars and you shattered my fantasy, again title! Think impassability ah, I really can not find technical means to cheat ah, then I thought maybe I technology is not enough, there is Google rich technical strength, take this cheat in front of it is ban mennong axe. (now that is not strong found, should be according to the volume, you earn so many advertisers advertising does not give advertisers a little benefit to seal your number one letter). Of course, did not realize it, always feel to the hair of the chain, a lot of time to spend on this thing is still not as good as the great determination and courage to spend in this shortcut, so I was not to go to the south wall does not look back. read more

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How to use their own money.

is not a good word to say, I do not need to write more propaganda, how important they are, today I just want to write my experience. I hope you just do stand friends useful, you should be very useful after reading.

I was from 06 years in July to contact the WAP site. From the Empire, to the bubble, to the century, there was only a sub station in the century. And then took a small cell phone to do (did not think so much, just for fun)

that station is full of shared content. Do not stand for the first time to experience, when playing entirely by mood, so there is no flow. In fact, at that time, I do not know what is the use of traffic) and later changed a few times (not found) also put down the. read more

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The shop gold service monthly income of up to twenty thousand

China’s small shop from small to gradually become the scale, only a few short years. A group of figures so that nobody can ignore the power of network operators: the first half of this year, the number of network operators China has expanded to 63 million; after September 2008, the new shop more than 5000 home every day. The rapid expansion of the shop has brought hundreds of thousands of talent gap, and among these people, a large part of the customer service is engaged in the shop. In fact, online customer service is no longer a simple human chat tools, their role is evolving, becoming a key link in network marketing. Shop customer service this seemingly not high technology occupation, has become more and more professional, some expert thousand small customer service, customer service can have high salaries. Since 2008, the specialized shop customer service training institutions also quietly increased. read more

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On the situation of CPS advertisement in China

CPS sales into advertising as long as it is known to all owners, generally divided into the amount between 3%-9%, of course, beyond or below this range is also exist. CPS is divided into advertising in foreign countries is very popular and is the main means of owners of big money, with sales into thousand dollars a month is not a problem, but China advertising alliance is introduced into this mode, CPS seemed to be the largest number of shows, at least, no type of advertising to earn, the reasons for this is really interesting. Let us see, now what are the manufacturers in the released CPS advertising:, DHC,, orange, 99 books,, Chinese library network, Kabasiji, Chinese flowers delivery network, and Yi Fang, nine diamond jewelry…… (due to too much CPS, it does not enumerate the) overall, these sites covering all aspects, travel, comprehensive, Adult supplies, books, software, flowers, jewelry… According to the truth, with the trend of online shopping, this kind of advertisement should be able to let the station grow up to earn one, why now the situation is CPS read more

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Zhang Zhaoyang venture in those years, China’s nternet is like a business history

the development of China’s Internet is a history of entrepreneurship. 1996, when the Chinese Internet germination, know what the Internet is not much chinese. But in just a year later, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the first "Chinese Internet development report", the report pointed out that China has a total of 299 thousand computers for Internet, 620 thousand Internet users. Since then, the center has formed a semi annual report release mechanism. Also from the beginning of 1996, the number of returned students to 13% per year rate of increase, in 1997 the total number of more than 100 thousand people, a return to the entrepreneurial tide is sweeping. read more

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n a start-up company from zero to do the real experience of listing do social fart fart social

Abstract: December 11, 2014, unfamiliar street IPO. In fact, until today, I have no time to study what IPO is and why. Only time to ask, why do I need. December 19, 2014, the company held an annual meeting in advance. I borrowed a wine for the first time to cry.

graduated in July 2009, one year after working in Fuzhou. In 2010 September began to drift from the NetEase, the first half was just going to positive, I Leader Leader ray Xiaoliang (unfamiliar street co-founder) with Tang Yan out of business. He did not go home for the Spring Festival, went to Yunnan for half a month to stay back on the venture to go. read more

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And this is the red net sellers together create numerous brand new electricity supplier

Abstract: why some of the high margin of goods in the conversion rate of Taobao is very poor, but in the network of red "recommended" the next sale and empty?

Reds worth more than a movie star, "this is an interesting conclusion of CBNData in" 2016 China business big data report "in the reds.

electronic business platform naturally noticed this point. When you see the client in Taobao pay attention to the brand "designer" Reds live "model on the new live, you will deeply appreciate the point, that is the combination of business platform and the Reds closer. read more

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