Kevin: “I wish Bale were on my team, it’s differential”

first_imgThey arrive at this appointment with another face after winning Sevilla.It was a balm, we finally breathed. I haven’t seen the team so happy in a while. I think it is another stone to add to the wall we are building.Why doesn’t Celta just work?By name you will not be up, you have to get to the field and prove it. So far we are not doing it and it is time to reflect. I think we can grow and in recent weeks we are competing well, deserving more points than we have.Is there fear that Aspas will see the fifth yellow and cannot play against Leganés?We have to think about the game he is playing now. La Real won in Copa a couple of weeks ago and we also have a chance to win. What are we going to say about Iago? He always helps us with goals and reading the game well. In the first round he had to cover Vinicius. What analysis does the Brazilian do? He will be the headline again at the Santiago Bernabéu.Hopefully he can take the position of Mallo. The truth is that it is a curious fact that of the thirteen matches in First, three are against Madrid. I hope there are more times.How do you remember last year’s experience?It was complicated for me because it came from an injury and I was out of competition. In the third minute I had to go from right to left side due to Juncà’s injury and the profile change was complicated. In spite of everything, we did a good defensive job, although it cost us to get up. Was your game tougher on a personal level?Playing at the Bernabéu is always very demanding. They are very high level players that take you to the limit.It was his turn to cover Asensio, Bale and Vinicius. Which was the most complicated?They are quite similar players in that they are very physical, but I think all Madrid players are brutal physical portents. They are very runners, have great driving skills and are very good at almost everything. I could not say which was the most complicated because everyone has their own.Bale is getting a lot of criticism. What do you think of Welsh?I wish he were on our team, he is a player out of series. Physically it is a wonder and has a lot of goal. He is a very differential player.center_img What match do you expect?We want it to be a disputed match and that it is open for both fronts and that in the end it can fall on our side.Is playing with five back a defensive strategy?I don’t know what we are going to do yet. The coach analyzes well what we can best according to the style of play of the rival. He is a player who likes to face and bargain. He is Brazilian of pure strain, although it is true that he does not find the goal as easily as Bale, but it must be tied shortly.Hazard returns, have you studied how to mark him?He is a very complete player who has a good dribble, a good finish and finds good passes. It has very good characteristics. It is among the best extremes in the world.last_img read more

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