Small and medium-sized webmaster need to deeply understand user experience these four words

if the small owners and some mature IT practitioners where I think the difference is that, "user experience" these four words, the webmaster to certainly not convinced people, the four portals put so many ads and pop-up ads, web ads we have not so much by what they say good user experience. Indeed, there are a lot of small websites with good advertising and some really good experiences, but most of them don’t do it. Although the advertising is not necessarily more, but the value of the site’s content, website planning and so on some say over words, do you understand? Whether do, as far as I know, most of the webmaster is not understand. read more

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Network special fault, was so easy to solve

himself, of course, is very rookie about using WIN technology. The time that the "second brain" is a bit I have to rush the wind sways grass, picked up the phone to help a friend in Hunan! But now see a tutorial, very good, can solve many difficult (for me) the special problems, so send out

to share!

skillfully uses Regsvr32 to solve frequent conflicts and faults in IP addresses

in the LAN environment, in order to effectively improve the workstation network login speed, and convenient network administrator efficient management network, all workstations in the LAN is often set to use static IP address. read more

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To new Adsense revealed about the small experience of the chain

we all know that a site in addition to the important content of the construction of elements, the second is the construction of the chain, I always think that the construction of the chain is a very important key, a SEO means is the most able to achieve the effect of.

now online all kinds of chain construction method. Some say mass; some say use soso quiz or Baidu know; there is a station group or black chain, etc., multifarious. I asked many novice webmaster, his knowledge of the external chain is to leave a links to your web site or web site at the other station above, a group of rubbish tools can then be included in Baidu it is called the chain. There seems to be no accurate understanding. Here, I give new Adsense to provide the basic practice of the concentration of the chain. I do some summary from the experience of the chain share to the novice webmaster reference, in front of a large master display slight skill before an expert please do not stock. read more

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Vigny how to use emotion to write a high quality soft text

when someone is in a bad mood the need is spiritual sustenance, so there are a lot of people will go to smoke when the mood is bad, because it is a kind of sustenance, so now more and more people smoking, smoking is harmful to health, I recommend to you about the spirit out how sad situation, let you no longer worry about, is to write a soft Wen, when a person of emotional instability is the most exciting, this time people no matter what things will be careless, so this is the best way to write text, soft text is a kind of language to describe what they want to say, with soft, express your feelings now is the best, because your emotions are in place, just write is done, as pianist Who, when the happy mood will play some soft music to express in the heart of the state, if anger when music tunes will be accelerated, the anger lies in the music, when people hear the experience that he now angry feelings, so that is the way we pianists to learn write, appear in the mood, of course, in different circumstances to write different soft to calm their feelings, thus can bring benefits to their own website, and can express their spirit now of course, friends do not know the benefits of soft, below I will talk briefly about what to write for. The kind of soft and then write some mood state. read more

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Why do some micro channel public number is not good

now, WeChat has become one of the most important projects in SEOer. It has been almost 2 years since the Tencent launched its public platform from WeChat in August 2012. As of now, 5 million users are said to have applied for the public number. However, from the current situation of the operation of many public numbers, many have failed to achieve the desired results. So why are a lot of public numbers not good enough? I think it should be related to the following reasons:

problem 1. Fans’ behavior does not bring about conversion rates, that is to say, fans of this potential consumer have not become your customers. read more

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Site station, we should know what is gold selling position

A few days ago I was in a

talent network webmaster exchange group, found a webmaster what happened, the station operated by the website for Shanghai’s local talent network, through the background that the station IP independence day average value is about 4000, this should be very happy man, but he is the biggest upset of the station every registered job seekers resume only about 5 copies, because I also operates a talent website, is very concerned about the related problems, and he and friends are discussed. read more

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Love to write the original text owner will be able to do a good owner do

, before I got into TEEBLOG, I was a really crazy guy. Whether it is the boundless nonsense, or mood change notes, or film music trend insights, I love playing with their own small text. Unfortunately, I don’t play blogs, I just play QQ space.

in my heart, the space is a window, facing is the sea, spring blossoms. In the window, the scenery is warm and pleasant. As for stepping up, I never ask for anything. I love writing tone people is like me; not as a pleasurable occupation, love people, I think it is to have friends from afar awfully. read more

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Discussion on profit model of local talent website


site personnel are divided into three main categories, nationwide talent websites such as 51job and Zhaopin, the site in the country are very famous, the profit is very considerable, but all rely on money to drop out, is in a class of provincial website, this kind of network station is money however, not many, mainly rely on the accumulation of slowly developed, it is three class city with a place to stand, do not despise the station, the station is in their own city promotion, good is good for profit. For the above two types of talent, the site is also a certain impact. read more

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100 original websites every day, three months, Baidu, Google included over ten thousand

is now the webmaster, almost no one does not know the importance of the site content is original! Because most webmasters still rely on a search engine in existence, and the search engine affection for the original content that much given to the majority of owners have to face the reality, so in order to increase the number of web pages search engine included a lot of original content is. Essential. The reality is that each time is very limited, by the webmaster to create a chapter of the original article, whether it is time or the creation level and ability are not very realistic. So the website how to add the original article, most of the webmaster or pseudo original, is an article or others change keywords or check or paragraph swap, on behalf of their own website: finally, can increase the search engine that is the probability of the original article. But the result is a long time to do so, web users will think site experience is very bad, imagine a language coherently change check or replace the keyword or paragraph, read out is confusing, like chewing wax, if it is you, you will come back second times? I follow a senior study the Webmaster Station, under his guidance, the use of a few hours a day to the original more than 100 original articles, adhere to three months, Baidu has been included in Google million. But because of copyright issues may involve the original, website address is not put out, but we think about it, even the Sohu and Youku, potatoes for copyright lawsuits, so far without any results, so that our personal Adsense piracy may not have what problem. read more

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Entrepreneurship should have preparation period, to know how to share

"entrepreneurship should have preparation period, to know how to share."." This is the day before at the 2008 Shanghai City entrepreneurship Cultural Festival, the experts from the field of entrepreneurial advice. The theme of this festival is "dream, tolerance, sharing and growth". Nearly 500 college students from all major universities in the city attended the opening ceremony and listened to the first lecture of Shanghai college students’ Entrepreneurship school, "growing up in failure and exploration.". read more

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nternet product operations how agile design needs

In fact, the

agile development not only requires the development level and the level of the test is agile, actually to demand the design level is to agile, so as to coordinate the development and follow-up tests of the real quick, introduced in front of agile development in the main mode, share the actual operation process of demand level agile design.

The process requirements of

in most cases can be divided into two parts: requirements analysis and design requirements, the former to business requirements into product requirements, the latter will demand into product design, namely the finished PRD. When do the demand analysis, we also received a part of the demand, business priority button to do the analysis, each analysis is certainly related demand together, or is the first analysis of higher priority, after analysis of the lower priority, the process analysis tasks are divided, so it is close to the agile model, here cast aside, the main part of the design development and testing needs about how to combine with the back. read more

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Advantages and experiences of nternet shopping and trading

shop at home, no huge crowds of people crowded, but you can not buy local products, online payment security factor is higher, goes shopping effort and worry, with such a major premise, who can not be captured in the online shopping.. understand these shopping sites, mutual comparison, summary some of the advantages and disadvantages, we can also add. Please forgive me for the inadequacies.

Taobao is one of the most familiar shopping websites. First of all, summarize the pros and cons of it. read more

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Comments on the forum is an effective way to increase user stickiness

Standers-by see more than gamesters., so do. You work hard on a website and devote yourself to it. It is difficult to look at your website comprehensively, objectively and rationally. So, when the website development encountered bottlenecks, and want to get other people’s advice, although just a pointing and suggestions, but can make yourself suddenly enlightened, do station direction is virtually more explicit.

A5 forum Daily website review activities, thanks to the king Wang’s words. He said, often a director with him for advice, for his review website, but a personal point of view, vision is limited, so the universal nature of the forum activities on a comment. Forum every day a review, every day review a webmaster’s Web site, let more people participate in the site review, listen to, from other people’s point of view, the site is more easy to see the deficiency, easy to improve and perfect. A5 review activities from the end of May to date, has been carried out for several months, and many webmasters support and participate, very happy. read more

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Detailed explanation of the idea of site construction of sheet metal processing website

sheet metal processing on the web at has been there for a while until now, Baidu is not included, but here to share the construction of the website! Master now, please continue to


domain name registration date is 05 years, has been more than 4 years of history, the PR value has been 2. Just took over the website, the art of the website feels poorer, the experience to the user is not very good. So after the proposal with the boss, they began to make a revision, change all the original pages, and change the front page into a visual display. With vivid music, the purpose of this is to enhance the user experience, because this time, Baidu feel the experience of the user a lot of attention. At the same time, the home page also greatly demonstrates the company’s image, allowing users to enter the site when there is a preliminary recognition of the company. read more

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n the face of ultra low price space, grassroots webmaster, only have no alternative

in September this year, after a friend introduced in (data center Kunpeng IDC) bought a space, then think friends are so good, maybe there are good cheap space, will start to buy a space, the first month also used properly, then contact the customer service website, because the upload easy assembly is not installed, ask them to mount, then listen to my customer service with the ACC database, the results three days later, my case directly to the gift of the MYSQL and MSSQL to delete permissions in did not ask (out), it is Never mind, then contact their QQ, has been online no answer, two days after the QQ back, said again opened, (hey, I thought it might be, their mistakes, forgive them) read more

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How do you get your accurate customers through the nternet

How does

get your accurate customer through the network?


‘s article yesterday, I shared with you why you were so stubborn. Finally, when it comes to a promotion, it opens a door for me. What promotion methods? B2B promotion?.

many people see B2B, the first platform in the mind, probably Alibaba. In fact, apart from Alibaba, China has many different types, or integrated, or vertical B2B platforms.

Alibaba, in China’s B2B platform market share, is indeed accounted for the largest part. But for many of the promotion of the network, network marketing is not very understanding of SMEs, free, or spend a little money can do promotion, is the first option. read more

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How to choose website operation project correctly

, I just want to talk about the shallow view of the station. I hope it will be useful to everyone,


1, websites don’t know how to make money,

wrong thinking: make the website bigger, think again how to make money, because the three big portals, Baidu and other famous websites have come this way,


but when you think like this, you’ve thought about the following questions: No,

How many websites did

1, and those successful websites, go through the same lines at the same time,


2, the Internet environment you are in is the same as the Internet environment 10 years ago? The answer is definitely No. read more

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f you want to succeed, you must learn from successful webmaster

to succeed, learn from successful people, so you can shorten the time of success for ten years or twenty years, this is a successful Master said, but as a webmaster, I think: the site to be successful, learn from successful website, it can make you success time greatly shortening.

as you all know, with the popularity of the Internet, more and more people do web sites, especially some time ago, 1 yuan will be able to register a CN domain name. More garbage sites rampant. So, if you are a webmaster, you want to make your website famous and want your website to retain customers, then you need to work harder than others. However, the Internet is powerful, master clouds, if you want to become a master, you need to continue learning. Of course, today’s theme is for small and medium-sized webmaster, if you are a master, please skip. read more

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Local website development experience social communication and human coordination is particularly imp

Hello, I’m Takeshi webmaster, I made a local website in 2011 May, the website has developed for 10 months now, membership reached more than 2000 visitors daily, in 2000 – 5000 in the 10 months, I got the most is to do stand in the process of history, especially is human social exchanges and coordination in my opinion is the key place for the success of the website I do.

11 years in July, the local search engine site was listed in eighth, the local time to hold a large bicycle association, I got this information from a friend, so I find a friend, find friends through the organizers, the organizers and the exchange process that I want to take part of the Internet propaganda of the games, after a series of negotiations, and ultimately determine the three points: 1 by myself responsible for the Internet publicity expenses. 2., pay sponsorship fee 5000 yuan. 3., the Internet publicity right belongs to me. Through the Games publicity, formal membership of more than 500 people is my site in just 1 months, from which we can see the importance of social communication, so how to do well the local website development of social communication and coordination of human read more

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How do you sincerely and easily impress customers on your website

content is the decisive factor in the site visitor residence time, empty the contents of the site, visitors will quickly go; only the content rich website, in order to attract visitors to read carefully, in-depth understanding of business products and services, and have the intention to cooperate. Everyone has two sides, sense and sensibility. In other words, each user has its rational needs and emotional needs, the content of the website in order to impress visitors, after all, is no more than 8 words: Daniel, move. read more

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