Provincial Forestry Department to strengthen forestry pest control project management

recently, the Provincial Forestry Department issued the "measures of examination and acceptance of project of Qinghai province forestry harmful biological control (Trial)" and "Qinghai province forestry harmful biological control guidelines (Trial)", standardize and strengthen the forestry pest control project management, make full use of funds to improve the prevention and control work quality, objective evaluation of the effectiveness of prevention and treatment.

"Qinghai province forestry harmful biological control measures for inspection and acceptance of the project (Trial)" on the inspection work of forest pest prevention and control project funds for central government funds, the provincial financial subsidies and key forestry projects in the specification, especially for pests, diseases and pests in forest and harmful plants when implementing the forestry harmful biological control of the acceptance of the project content, mode, time in detail. read more

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Putian City, Fujian City Health Bureau leaders and his party inspected the reform of public hospital

On the morning of November 18th, Shen Xiangkai, deputy director of the Putian Municipal Health Bureau of Fujian Province, 3 people came to the city to study the reform of public hospitals, and the deputy director of the Municipal Health Bureau, vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China, was invited to participate in the forum of the people’s Republic of China in the city of

on the morning of, Shen Xiangkai, deputy director of Fujian City, Putian Province, deputy director of a line of 3 people to visit the city’s public hospital reform pilot work, deputy director of the Municipal Health Bureau, deputy director of the forum to participate in the meeting of the people’s Republic of China in November 18th. read more

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Xining financial system, gold financial guards Qin Lian song Honest Culture Week Opening Ceremony

to carry out the clean government and anti-corruption work, to further strengthen the anti-corruption education, and further promote the financial integrity culture construction, continuously improve the financial probity consciousness of cadres and workers, the Xining Municipal Finance Bureau held the city’s financial system "Golden Finance guards diligence song" anti-corruption culture week activities. Clean culture week, the launching ceremony, the ICAC lectures, discussion forum, achievements exhibition four plates. September 19th, the activities of the grand opening of the tiger park. read more

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Spring Festival travel safety

During the Spring Festival is the people to visit relatives and friends, the peak of the play, but the night is difficult to ride out the parking difficult, out of these problems are difficult to worry about the public. So in the face of the Spring Festival traffic patterns, the public how to do?

spring go grassroots squad depth reporter interview with relevant departments, for your safety during the Spring Festival happy travel weapon.

– 501 – night road: Central Plaza, train station, night issued a total of 9 classes, the first class starts at 21:10, the last one to leave at 23:50.

– night 502 Road: Central Square – unity bridge, issued a total of 10 classes per night. The first class at 21:10 departure, the last one in the next day at 0 hours starting at 0.

– night 503 Road: Central Square – Peach primary school, every night issued a total of 10 classes, the first class in 21 at the start, the last one to leave at 23:40.

– night 504 Road: Central Square – Biological Park, every night issued a total of 10 classes, the first class starts at 21:20, the last one in the 0 0 grid.

– night 505 Road: Central Square – the city district government, every night issued a total of 12 classes, the first class in 20 at the start, the last one to leave at 23:20.

parking too hard? Not worry

New Year drive zouqingfangyou this is a good thing, but where to stop;

read more

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The Gan River north and South export project started

In April 21st, a reporter from the Gan River Industrial Park Management Committee learned that the total investment of 95 million yuan, the project the south exit of the Gan River Industrial Park this year plans to invest 76 million yuan to start. After the completion of the south exit road, the park will be connected with the West Tower high-speed, solve the problem of poor export of the park, to strengthen the development of the park is of great significance.It is reported that the project

, this year is one of the important infrastructure projects from the park, Park Avenue to the east end of Guang Xin began to extend the tunnel through the gold Linshan, gas station in Huangzhong County across Huangzhong to impose and the original roudaut highway, in Huangzhong County, north side of the mountain pass body extends to the East. Along the mountain on the north side of a mountain on the north side of the saddle from the mountain, go to the south in Huangzhong county through the mountain mountain international, international field and high-speed connection line connecting West Road, a total length of 4.6 km. The Gan River Industrial Park North Exit project starting point connected the eastern sewage treatment plant near Guang Xin Road, extension, followed by Po village, DOPA depot, across the Qinghai Tibet railway and the southern beltway highway north along the status of Trudeau, end point is located in the southern Beltway the Gan River connecting line (DOPA Metro Taikang Road), the route length of 6 km. The total investment of 65 million yuan this year, plans to invest 52 million yuan. Road grade for urban trunk road, design speed 40km/h. From the starting point to the oil depot section of the red line width of 30 meters; DOPA depot to the end of the red line width of 20 meters. The north exit of the Gan River Industrial Park built project mainly to solve the problem of convergence of the Gan River Industrial Park and the southern beltway, 109 State Road, will also make the expressway, trunk road and park road level together constitute the backbone of road network.   read more

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Steady progress in our province, double random open regulatory reform

this year, our province in accordance with the "random inspection object, randomly selected the inspection of law enforcement personnel" and "timely publication of investigation results" of the "double random open" inspection procedures, based on the actual, careful arrangements, effectively stimulate the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship. In the first half of this year, the province’s new market players 36026, an increase of 25.7%, the average daily registration of the main market, the market, the main market growth for more than two consecutive years, the national average. read more

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Xining power supply department for you to clean up psoriasis ideas

West City newspaper September 6th edition published "A5" psoriasis "paste substation box" one man, attracted the attention of Xining power supply company, cable distribution area responsible person.

September 11th, Xining power supply company, cable distribution area in order not to affect the normal work, organize employees to work overtime to clean up the area "psoriasis" provincial Grand Cross, Delingha Road, xiadou Avenue area hundred sets of cable junction box is more serious and high voltage transformer box. The cleaning process, a staff told reporters, every time they will clean up the cable box area and the substation box, what measures have thought, small ads, these wild advertising is not easy to remove, just clean the box no two days again, some even more serious. Coupled with large box area, more convenient for the breeding of psoriasis. At the same time, the work of director Lee also hope that the public to help them think of ways to completely eliminate psoriasis". (author: read more

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Qaidam circular economy pilot area green silver SME development fund to start

April 1st, Qinghai Qaidam circular economy pilot area green silver SME development fund launch ceremony held in Xining.

Qinghai Qaidam circular economy pilot area green bank development fund for small and medium-sized enterprises is the experimental zone to actively implement the provincial Party committee and provincial government the reform and development of the spirit of the meeting, a positive response to the economic downturn, an important measure to improve the financing capacity of smes. The fund’s successful landing, will effectively promote and improve the enterprise technological expansion, upgrade and other aspects of the financing needs, to promote investment, promote structural adjustment, steady growth, has important practical significance to the development of circular economy pilot area construction. read more

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Provincial Food and Drug Safety Committee Office of the deployment of Mid Autumn Festival, national

to ensure that the people of all ethnic groups in the province’s Mid Autumn Festival, National Day period of two of the food and drug safety, recently, the provincial government office of food and Drug Safety Committee issued a "notice" on the Mid Autumn Festival National Day during the food and drug safety special rectification action, make the deployment of two food and drug safety special rectification work.

"notice" pointed out that the government and the supervision departments should intensify supervision of law enforcement and frequency, efforts to solve the food and drug safety problems, investigate and punish violations do really really strict, dare dare tube tube, long length of Yan yan. To mobilize social forces to actively participate in the governance of food and drug safety, in accordance with the "four most stringent requirements, strict food from farm to table, from drug development to each line of the hospital, to ensure that the people’s food and drug safety. read more

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To welcome the torch relay in the provincial capital Xining urban decorate summer

6 month 22 days, the Olympic torch will be passed in both sides of the road, Xining City Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau staff have trimmed hedges, weeds, some watered vegetation, clean pits, and busy cleaning the surface of garbage. In order to meet the Olympic torch relay in Xining, they are using their sweat to protect the size of the streets clean.

sanitation workers when other staff perspiration comes down like raindrops, the Xining city administration is also working overtime, to ensure clean sanitation. At 12:20 yesterday, the reporter came to the Xining municipal administrative law enforcement bureau interview, where the staff are working overtime. According to the deputy director of Xining City Administration Bureau Chai Lupan introduction, for the Beijing Olympic Games, to create a good environment and sanitation, they have fought for more than and 10 consecutive days, mainly is comprehensive remediation problems affecting the environment and sanitation in urban areas. In addition to the city sanitation improvement, they are still working to create along do street beautification and atmosphere, set up 30 pieces of outdoor public billboards, and suspended more than 2300 PSAs in more than 570 root lamp pole, so that the public fully feel the passion and vitality of the Olympic games. read more

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Qingming holiday on the first day of high-speed Xining unimpeded

April 4th is the first day of Qingming small holiday free high-speed road traffic, the author learned from the interview, Chaoyang, Ping and other rhyme ieguchi toll stations, toll stations did not appear congestion.

at noon that day, I went to rhyme ieguchi toll stations, toll station staff of small cars to drive free, large trucks and buses into the toll lanes, each car time passes for 5 seconds. In the Christmas card Lane Toll Station, automatic shut down, the other lane normal traffic, traffic time is about 5 seconds per car. 16 or so, in Chaoyang toll station, all the channels are smooth, charging stations do not appear congestion, each vehicle passage time of about 10 seconds. From Ledu to Xining, Mr. Wang told reporters from Chaoyang toll station after the station, originally thought that the introduction of free access, high-speed road congestion, but all the way there is no congestion encountered. (author: Jin ran) read more

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Xining will crack down on drug-related criminal activities banned drug-related Entertainment

Xining will crack down on drug crimes, intensify the management of entertainment places, the problem is serious, the masses drug-related entertainment, resolutely banned, the relevant departments will resolutely combat "umbrella". October 15th, the Xining anti drug work conference held.

It is understood from the detection of

, nearly two years in Xining city public security organ trafficking cases, drugs seized heroin, opium, methamphetamine, ketamine, "Ma Gu" etc.. In the future, Xining will be multi police linkage, collaborative operations, effectively curb sporadic drug trafficking activities, and effectively reduce the direct harm caused by sporadic drug trafficking in induced relapse and breed new drug addicts. We will strengthen the anti drug publicity and legal education for entertainment operators, employees and consumers, and enhance their ability to resist drug and gas. On the occurrence of drug trafficking problem of entertainment should be resolutely warned or suspend business for rectification, the problem is serious, the masses are strongly drug-related entertainment, resolutely banned. Resolutely crack down on illegal drug criminals engaged in drug trafficking activities in entertainment places. read more

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This year, Xining focus on Governance and crack down on illegal practice 324

From the Municipal Health Bureau held a day before

information informed the meeting that this year the city seriously in the fight against the illegal practice of illegal medical advertisements and special activities, altogether 324 illegal medical practices units to carry out administrative punishment.

It is reported that this year in the city of

, centralized governance and combat illegal activities, especially for drug trafficking, diagnosis and treatment of super Youyi the scope of practice, practice, use the foreign department of health technical personnel and other illegal activities carried out to combat the focus during the supervision and inspection of all kinds of medical units 1289, 324 units of illegal medical practice, including warning 39, ordered rectification 189, rectification 19, banned 90, a fine of 87, the total amount of 103480 yuan penalty, confiscated 120 pieces of medical devices, in order to further standardize the medical service market order. read more

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Xining shout thirsty 40 days no effective precipitation

February 7th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the city has 40 consecutive Yu Tian no effective precipitation, especially in mid January, late in the city around the temperature gradually picked up, the temperature is higher than in previous years. According to the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, from 8 onwards, this sunny and rainy weather will be replaced by snow weather.

it is understood that during the winter of 2013 to 2014 spring, Xining area has no precipitation, especially in mid January, late, around the Xining weather, the temperature gradually increased, the average ten days earlier than normal temperatures remained high, as of February 5th, the longest consecutive dry days have been more than 40 days; with the end of the Spring Festival holiday this fine little rain, the weather will come to an end. The city meteorological station according to meteorological data analysis, affected by cold air, the next week I will be more snow weather, mainly occurred in February 8th to February 9th period between February 11th and February 13th, mainly around the city in the snow. Specific for February 8th: Yin to light snow, the highest daily temperature will drop 4 degrees Celsius to 6 degrees Celsius; February 9th: light snow turn cloudy; in February 10th: cloudy or overcast; from February 11th to 13, there is a snow weather process. read more

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To inform the Committee of non party members

In August 7th, the Municipal United Front Work Department convened by the democratic parties, non partisan, non-public economy, ethnic and religious circles, and other representatives of Tsu Hai Lian outside the party who held a briefing to convey informed the municipal thirteen plenary meeting of the eleven session of the spirit. Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department Vice Minister Liu Fade chaired the meeting.

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Great beauty Qinghai flights will increase to 5

  reporter learned from Qinghai Airlines Cci Capital Ltd, the province will hire 4 Airbus aircraft into the Qinghai aviation market. It is understood that these 4 aircraft will be painted, the United States, Qinghai, the words, when the province will have 5 "great Qinghai" flying in the blue sky of the motherland.

according to the Qinghai aerospace Cci Capital Ltd responsible person, according to our province and East Uni Airways Corporation and Icbc Financial Leasing Co jointly signed the "aircraft leasing agreement", Qinghai aviation Cci Capital Ltd through the operating lease, the introduction of 4 Airbus aircraft, including two A320 models, two A319 models. The official said that the current 4 aircraft assembly line is assembled, is expected in June next year, there will be two aircraft into the Qinghai aviation market, the remaining two are expected to be put into operation in 2014. After putting into operation, these aircraft will be put into Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other popular routes to ease the airline ticket in these areas is difficult to find a ticket situation. read more

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North District Commission for Discipline nspection and Supervision Bureau to watch the party’s eigh

the morning of November 8th 9, China eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party was held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, north of the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau of all cadres in party study group and district organs organization eighteen held a grand venue to watch.
  read more

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College cadres to declare personal matters to start

February 26th, 2015 city of spring semester and education system honest government work conference, to the education administration of cadres, cadres of the unified issued "relevant provisions" Declaration of concentration of personal matters leading cadres, and earnestly declare the work of the city’s education system focused on personal matters leading cadres, not strictly according to the facts the declaration, strict organizational discipline, organization according to relevant provisions.
  read more

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Offer love to invite poor children to play

is on our side, there are many children because of poverty facing various dilemma: rural children in the home or only a few acres of thin for the students, the parents’ income is little; there are a lot of children or because of family facing illness, or because their parents can not afford…… Never enjoyed a very happy children’s play.

how can we tolerate the helpless eyes? In order to look forward to the heavy rain, Xining evening news and the Qinghai Grand Theatre started to invite poor children to see drama action. Here, the public, enterprises, social groups we for the city’s public spirited out of "love story": there is a chance, put down the work at hand, took the children to Qinghai Grand Theater to see some happy children’s musical stage, breaking the limitation, the actors and the children mingle, through lovely doll, lively and beautiful music, vividly to children’s healthy eating habit, pay attention to transfer health, love sports. By then, the Qinghai Grand Theatre will take 1 to 15 days of children’s drama tickets income of 10% as a donation, donated to poor children, each performance will be published in the Xining evening news. read more

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