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1 tricks: position


body sideways sleep and asymmetry

may be a problem: breast asymmetry

long-term side of the sleeping position can increase the phenomenon of female breast asymmetry; not only that, the asymmetry of the body can also affect the blood circulation of the breast, resulting in rapid development of unilateral breast…… But these are just physical phenomena!

physiological bilateral breast asymmetry with development to correct bad habits of the body, mature, or after repeated effective stimulation, when breast gonad axis and establish a stable biological feedback, on both sides of the breast will become more symmetrical, do not worry too much.

tricks 2: downsizing


body weight loss, endocrine disorders, sex hormone

may be a problem: small breast development

in the stage of breast development, if the drug to lose weight, it will cause endocrine disorders, which cause the imbalance of sex hormones secretion, affecting the development of the breast!

in the sex hormone, estrogen and progesterone can promote the development of the breast, increase the fat accumulation of breast tissue. Therefore, we should not only thin, regardless of health, and finally made the thin place is thin, but should not become a thin place airport.

trick 3: hormone


Shangshen estrogen

may be a problem: breast fibroma

estrogen is closely associated with breast fibroma, so the disease occurs in 20 to 25 years old young women, mostly unilateral single, slow growth, often found in the breast with a spherical mass.

fibroma occurs in the upper part of the breast, usually without obvious symptoms, and the menstrual cycle has no effect on the size of the tumor. Although breast fibroadenoma is benign, but malignant, so it is best to timely surgical treatment.

tricks 4: style


beverages, cigarettes, nicotine, alcohol

may be a problem: breast cancer

no more than what nicotine and alcohol can harm female body! Data shows that the probability of smoking history more than 10 years of female breast cancer is 3 times more than other women; daily drinking 1 cup or 1 or more, the risk of breast cancer increased by more than 45% little drinkers.

breast cancer tumors generally grow faster, hard texture, clear boundary, the surface of the skin is orange peel appearance; early slight pain, aggravated late. But breast cancer is also the most promising cancer, as long as the early detection, can be completely cured, so the monthly self inspection and every year and a half of the examination is very important.

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