How to deal with customers when they hesitate

even if a product has been very satisfied, but some hesitant customers will not necessarily buy, which is determined by the character. As a shopkeeper, naturally will often encounter such a customer, but how to deal with these hesitant customers, naturally also need people to master more business skills. So, how to deal with when customers hesitate?

business can not only look at the goods, but also to raise their heads to seize the customer’s psychology, so that customers hesitate to make a decisive decision to buy our goods. I remember the famous success of Taiwan, said Chen Anzhi, the author of a paragraph of words: to use good food to attract other people’s appetite, extended to make people desire and interest.

an old customer often come to my shop to buy things, once he was going on a business trip to Shandong to visit old comrades in arms, I do not know what gift to the many years of good brothers did not meet. He stood in front of the counter and left, and I saw him face doubts like, take the initiative to help him buy goods. Actually, I don’t know what his old comrades like. So I came up with an idea, first of all, to praise Shandong, Shandong is a very beautiful place ah!

I know a lot of online retail stores in Shandong, they say that Shandong people are very hospitable, and cool, where the mature men like to smoke cigarettes Taishan. So I told my customers to introduce a cigarette, I pick up a few cigarettes from the counter to him, let him choose a friend to Shandong. I did not expect the customer to see the Taishan series (Hong Xibao), but also open to see how the inside of the cut tobacco. I simply lit a cigarette for him, let him really appreciate this just listed soon in Shandong tobacco. While he was watching the packaging, packaging, pink shell, elegant atmosphere, a festive and rich.

he repeatedly praised the taste of peace, but to see the price of some hesitation, I then went on to tell him: "this cigarette is not expensive, I give you some gifts, you bring comrade in arms, to ensure that he will be satisfied." Customers buy. So I gave him a hand bag, the 3 Taishan (Hong Xibao), the 2 articles of the Soviet Union, together with the gift of gifts to him, so that his comrades can have room for selection. Customer praise: "thank you! Your service is very considerate!"

if the client is a fancy piece of merchandise, or shilly-shally when we as retailers will be active to understand what the customer wants, and then according to their own judgment for the success of the final relieve concerns, make a deal. Can also take a variety of ways to make hesitant customers to make the decision to buy goods. For example, the 2 election of the 1 Law:

when customers enter the dazzling goods store shilly-shally, we should guide them to choose one of the two methods, the customer can never dispel doubts, make third choices, making them empty handed. Please.

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